I have never lied about my age. For years, I have refused. I would proudly state the number aloud and never lie about it. I still don’t. (And in my industry, gotta admit, that’s pretty ballsy and not the norm.) But if I’m honest, this last birthday in August did a number on me. I’ve been more fixated on aging lately and sometimes it really bums me out. My face is changing. My body is changing. Things aren’t always working in my favor like they used to.

When Oprah turned 50 she said, “Never lie about your age. If you do, it’s denouncing all of your life’s experiences.” Almost like not owning your ‘number’ does an injustice to all of those fascinating days that accumulated into this one particular year. And I agree with her. I’m proud of being… forty-four. (I’m also lucky that both of my parents aged well and consistently looked younger than they were. So, I’ve got good genes on my side which is a plus. So, there’s that.)


Now listen, I can’t and don’t WANT to be that 50-year-old woman who looks identical to her daughter, right?! Like, I don’t want to look 25 – I really don’t. I want to look like me… but FRESH and RADIANT and AWAKE and free of nasty age spots and deep wrinkles if I can help it. People always ask me, “What do you do to your face? You look great for your age!” I’ve always said, hot yoga, a mostly clean diet, and being happy overall certainly contribute. And they do.

But beyond that? Here’s the truth.

I got botox for the first time when I was thirty-five. Back then I only got it a few times a year but I definitely loved the results – especially in my forehead. When I hit the big 4-0 I tried fillers for the first time. I was very thin at the time and was sunken around my eyes. That can really make you look older than you are. And again, I was on tv every day so my face in many ways was my money maker. So, I tried fillers in my upper cheeks and under-eyes. The results were – okay. I didn’t love it. I didn’t look like myself.

Botox, though, has become a part of my regular rotation and I’m not afraid to say it. I feel more confident and I like what I see when I look in the mirror. I also try and get facials regularly and am a product whore. No other way to say it. I try everything! I try masks, I try battery-operated face machines, I try rollers and vibrators and serums and the list goes on. (I will do another post about these products specifically soon.)

But what compelled me to write this post today is that I tried MICRONEEDLING for the first time at DMH Aesthetics. And. I. F’ing. Loved. It!

This was taken immediately after the procedure. You will look like you have a bad sunburn.  Only lasted a day. They say to allow 2-3 days of down time just in case.

This was taken immediately after the procedure. You will look like you have a bad sunburn.
Only lasted a day. They say to allow 2-3 days of down time just in case.

Read the description on their website if you are unfamiliar, but it’s a technique that punctures the top surface of the skin enough to regenerate the cells and encourage new growth, new collagen, new new new! So essentially, in just a few days your skin looks way more radiant, more alive, slightly plumper AND bonus - I feel like it really softened my fine lines and lightened my freckles. One session costs about 500 dollars but wow, I think the results are legit. I intend to repeat this in a few weeks and do a series of three in total this fall.

Please know this is not a sponsored post (although I am very friendly with everyone at DMH as it’s in my neighborhood and I do know the fabulous owner Danny Holbous) but I am NOT PAID to say this. I am just legitimately pumped about putting my best face forward. And I’m forty-frickin-four! Boom!

And just lastly, let me say, as I’ve said a million times before. Beauty to me is never, has never been about tight flawless skin or a certain weight or specific physical specifications. Beauty starts within. It ends within. But aint’ nothin wrong with using what resources we do have to look in the mirror and smile at what you see.

And to all the other females out there getting used to your aging self, you got this. You’ve got wisdom, you’ve got vast life experiences, you’ve got all that you need. We’re all going the same direction, just some of us get there before others.

Big Big Love,

Catt Sadler