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Catt Sadler


She is a God. And I don’t say that lightly.

I had heard about Nurse Jamie in certain circles of friends, read about her business, heard about her products. I then met her when she was a guest on my old show. But then, I went to visit her.  Let’s just say she SEES your face and she has a whole bag of magic tricks to enhance what you’ve already got without looking like you went out and bought a new face off the rack. A little plump here and a little resurfacing there. She zapped a few sun spots that were bugging me and wow - what a difference it makes. If you’re ever in LA and can schedule an appointment - treat yourself!


But beyond that, I’ve fallen in love with her eye cream. I’ve always struggled with puffy undereyes and always felt like you could really see my age in this area of my face. The skin is super thin here and definitely harder to combat those finer lines. I’ve been using Nurse Jamie EGF Eye Complex and have actually noticed a real difference. My dark circles have lightened and the skin just feels firmer.


Now keep in mind, I’ve been taking care of myself so much more these days - I have cut dairy out of my diet the last month or so, take my supplements religiously, have cut waaaaay down on alcohol. I’m a believer in overall beauty also coming from the inside out. BUT a good eye cream is a good eye cream. Period.

Ha! You’re welcome!



Catt Sadler

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 5.24.50 PM.png

The year that didn’t kill me.
I got divorced.  
My grandfather died. 
A close family member went to rehab.
My eldest son was diagnosed with ADD. That meant doctors and more doctors compounded with his heart issues. This drug, that drug. I cried more tears than anyone would ever know. 

Professionally, I got another show - amazing - but that meant starting my work day three hours earlier each morning; exhaustion was a familiar feeling.  Negotiations began. Negotiations stagnated. Negotiations collapsed. I would decide to leave my job after twelve years. 

It’s weird, but here I am 30,000 feet above sea level writing and I’m happy. Genuinely at peace. It’s the last day of the year and a time for reflection. As I think about the adversities of the last several months, I am comforted by my longtime friend, Resilience. 

I got to know her as a young girl. I experienced my fair share of dysfunction - addiction ran in the family, divorce visited many times, I wasn’t close to my real father until later in life. I learned early on about tapping into my strength. Holding it together when things were falling apart. Standing tall when things crumbled around me. It was about survival and I was damn good at it. I smiled through it, excelled in spite of it, and through nothing more than maybe the grace of God, always could see the gifts in the suffering. I had a bounce-back ability like none other and it has served me my entire life. My mom always says I “float and deal” and well, that’s pretty spot on.

I am alive and there’s not a day that goes by I don’t notice the beauty in the mundane. My hero, Oprah, taught me about the importance of gratitude and I practice it regularly. Yoga has also changed my life. For me, it’s very spiritual. It is my church. 

My children are my two proudest achievements and my love for them is larger than the entire galaxy. Nothing, nothing means more. And speaking of love, I found that, too. I have a new best friend who makes me laugh every single day. He lights up my life. He is also sober and his commitment to healthy living astonishes me. He teaches me. I am growing. 

When I look at my life, I smile. It’s more than I ever would have dreamed in a million years. There’s no such thing as perfect and all of our experiences are relative; I acknowledge that, but this is my story.

As I look ahead I feel renewed purpose, a duty like never before, and I’m excited to get to work. In the last few weeks everyone from the gal at the ATT store to people passing in the street to the hundreds of letters I’ve received from around the world - people want a voice. Women are frustrated. Women and girls need somebody to shout for them, to kick and scream, to make it better. We need each other. We need to band together. We need to lock in as sisters and make our voices heard. This will be my cause, I promise. 

So yeah, this year didn’t kill me. It made me stronger. 

Everything is going to be okay… because it always is. 


Catt Sadler

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 5.23.02 PM.png

I couldn’t let another minute go by without acknowledging the overwhelming love and support I’ve been receiving the last 24 hours. Leaving E was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made, but your messages and heartfelt comments are comforting and affirm for me that I made the right decision. So many of you have similar stories, similar struggles, legitimate frustrations and I want you to know I hear you and feel for you. As a result, I have a renewed sense of purpose and genuine passion to right the wrongs. We are stronger together and I feel your strength at my core. If I had one ask, it is to please not place blame on my friend Jason Kennedy. He has done right by me in every respect. It hurts me deeply to see that some are vilifying him. I repeat, his hands are tied on this matter and if you’re angry - rightfully so - direct that emotion at the decision makers who failed us, not him. All my love + gratitude 🖤


Catt Sadler

I know first hand that dreams do come true.  For the past twelve years, I've been living mine out loud as one of the hosts on E television.  For more than a decade I've walked through the doors at E and traveled into people's living rooms around the world.  I've reported from a royal wedding, the Olympics, and the Oscars.  I've been to film festivals in France, movie premieres in Rio, and fashion week in Paris.  I've gotten chased by the paparazzi on camera while shopping with Kris Jenner, co-hosted shows with Khloe, Kim and Kourtney, and interviewed Kendall and Kylie back in those early Keeping Up days when no one could remember their names.  It has been unpredictable, intoxicating, rewarding and hard work.  Five days a week since February 2006. First, for The Daily 10 and later for E News.

Then, this year happened. Daily Pop was born. I was named host which meant double duty. Hosting a live, two-hour daytime show while also hosting E News most nights. It was creatively challenging but genuinely one of the most fulfilling years of my professional career. Coincidentally, around this same time an executive from E brought something alarming to my attention -- namely, that there was a massive disparity in pay between my similarly situated male co-host and myself.  More recently, when E reached out to renew and extend my deal, I learned that he wasn't just making a little more than I was.  In fact, he was making close to double my salary for the past several years.

Information is power. Or it should be.  We are living in a new era.  The gender pay gap is shrinking, although admittedly we have a long way to go.  And well, I learned this first hand.  My team and I asked for what I know I deserve and were denied repeatedly.

Know your worth.  I have two decades experience in broadcasting and started at the network the very same year as my close friend and colleague that I adore.  I so lovingly refer to him as my "tv husband" and I mean it.  But how can I operate with integrity and stay on at E if they’re not willing to pay me the same as him? Or at least come close? How can I accept an offer that shows they do not value my contributions and paralleled dedication all these years?  How can I not echo the actions of my heroes and stand for what is right no matter what the cost? How can I remain silent when my rights under the law have been violated?

It's scary.  I am a single mother of two boys.  The unknown can be terrifying, but it can also be the most beautiful gift.  Countless brave women have come forward this year to speak their truth.  Females refuse to remain silent on issues that matter most because without our voices, how will we invoke lasting change? How can we make it better for the next generation of girls if we do not stand for what is fair and just today?

It was my desire to stay at my job.  To continue entertaining our loyal viewers around the world.  To keep working alongside some of the best writers, directors, and producers in the game.  Everyone from the studio crew, hair and makeup artists, to the security at the front door are true friends of mine.  They have been my work family and I love them dearly.  Unfortunately, however, my decision was made for me and I must go.

I will find more work.  I will create content with meaning.  I will continue to pursue my passions while making my children proud.  The way I see it, I have an obligation to be an agent for change.

It was important for me to explain my departure.  I did not want to disappear from your television screens and have you wonder why.  Thank you for your precious time all these years.  Thank you for the support.  Thank you for the constant exchange of ideas on social media as well.  This chapter is over and a new one begins.

Big big love,

IMG_6435 (1) 2.jpg

Blueberry Margarita Break

Catt Sadler

This post is sponsored by the Blueberry Council. All opinions are my own.

Let’s be honest. Sometimes it’s about the little things in life. The sweet little things like delicious, nutritious, tasty little blueberries. The last few weeks have been extraordinarily busy for us all - and especially manic for me with the holidays and major life changes on the horizon. One of the ways I’ve relaxed? A comforting blueberry break… thanks to my friends at SIMPLY and The Blueberry Council.


Here’s how to make my super yummy, Vitamin C-Rich blueberry margarita:

  • Toss a handful of blueberries and some fresh lime juice (from actual limes) together in a jar and muddle them until fully crushed. 
  • Strain out the juice into an ice-filled glass along with your favorite clear tequila.
  • Add a splash of soda water.
  • Add a dash of agave for extra sweetness.  
  • Garnish with a few more blueberries and a lime wedge.

Sip slowly, ENJOY, and make sure to head over to The Blueberry Council's Insta and Pinterest to learn about their super cool #giveaway.  You deserve a #BlueberryBreak, too!  Don’t miss out on being pampered!   #Sponsored



Catt Sadler

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without music. But let's face it, 365 days a year, music gives us absolute life in the best of times and helps us survive the worst of times! Below are some selects I've curated especially for the music lover.



Good, portable speakers are crucial. My JBL waterproof portable Bluetooth Speakers come with me everywhere – work, vacation, on picnics at the beach and beyond. Oh, and psssst. They're on sale right now.



Over the last few years, vinyl records have had quite the resurgence. A record player is the perfect gift for those wanting to absorb their music at the highest possible quality and in the most authentic form. Listening to Coldplay on vinyl is a pasttime of mine believe it or not. I’m also currently loving Dua Lipa and Sam Smith. Have you heard She & Him’s Christmas album? No better time than the PRESENT.


A Kanye West Yeezy cap is the perfect gift or stocking filler - or how about Beyonce’s Ivy Park for your active hipster friends? New activewear always inspires me to get moving! Help your friends reach their new goals in 2018.



There’s a reason why Rihanna’s new line Fenty Beauty is one of the prime gifts these holidays. Her vast range of products continues to attract worldwide phenomena. If you're not familiar, get familiar! I also added Ariana Grande’s MAC Viva Glam red lipstick to my wish list because I've been oh so nice this year!

SHOP Black Friday.

Catt Sadler


Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 2.21.01 PM.png

When it comes to the art of gift giving, I don’t always execute flawlessly. I have the absolute best intentions, but like so many others, I get busy, the insanity of the day to day gets in the way, the hustle and bustle of the season can get overwhelming, and as a result find myself stressing at the last minute.

Well, this year will be different, I swear! I stumbled up some super dope Black Friday sales - many of which have already started. So WHY WAIT til Friday? Or at the very least, be armed and ready NOW and know where to go for some of the best deals. 

So here you go guys: My gift to you!


TVs, tablets, anything Apple, video games for the kids, and kitchen gadgets for all those amateur chefs.  
Skip the lines and click below to shop from your couch.



 I'm eagerly awaiting deals on Mac, Fenty Beauty, Tom Ford, Nars, La Mer, and more from the retailers below. Seriously some steals out there. It would make zero sense to miss out, ya’ll!



Why pay full price. Like, why? 
Seriously smart deals on the best fashions, accessories, and more at a few of my favorite retailers below.



With only 31 days 'til Christmas, your home (or apartment or dorm room) needs a little love.  Now's the time to deck the halls and get your home in tip-top shape for the holidays.  Or, continue with that generous spirit of yours and keep spreading the Fa La La while playing adorable elf for those you love. 



Catt Sadler

A gift for those who give and give and give. This particular guide is for all of the friends in your life that have you over for sweet sips, dinners, or festive soirees this time of year. I’ve put together a list of items that give any gathering a little extra something special. Do not, I repeat, do not show up thirsty at someone’s home empty handed. Pretty is as pretty does and it’s super important to show your gratitude always.


The aura in the air isn’t just that fuzzy feeling you get during the holiday season. For me, it’s the scent when you walk into a room. I own this Ojai Home and Linen Mist and spray it literally everywhere.  Your friends will certainly appreciate the thought of an intoxicating scent to add to the ambiance.

We all know your sister is the perfect entertainer, so how about adding to her knowledge and expertise? The next soirée might just be inspired by the gift of a fun food book like this.



It’s all about the presentation. Charcuteries displayed on a serving board and elegant cheese knives to compliment will elevate any gathering to Napa status. I am absolutely obsessed with these!

Your bestie deserves a little something too. Often your favorite host will forget to spoil herself. Let her know she’s as special as she makes those around her feel with beauty favs like a ravishing red lipstick from Tom Ford.


Still don’t know what to get the host in your life? 
Head over to my Gift Guide for Her to find even more holiday inspiration.


Catt Sadler

We all have a friend who is a total makeup junkie, right? Or what about that friend who rarely pampers herself with the luxe products that she deserves?

I am incredibly blessed that I work in a business where I get to try a plethora of brands and goodies each and every day. For twenty years I've been experimenting with the latest trends, newest collections, and experimenting before each show with makeup and after my shows with cleaners, masks and more. So, fact is, I've got a little experience in this arena.  So will you let me help you? 


MAC is a staple. These new champagne colors are special for the holiday season. Highlighter has never been more in for skin. You can't go wrong with these reasonably priced offerings!

Cowboy Grass is the scent I started wearing this summer but keep coming back to over and over again. It's a little masculine - when I wear it I feel strong and confident. And hey, the name kicks ass. 

I ALWAYS apply my foundation with a Beauty Blender. (I might use brushes too, but I also incorporate the blender for poppin that highlight or dabbing extra foundation around my nose and cheeks.) It's a classic and the perfect stocking stuffer.

Collagen does a body good. On the outside, on the inside, in a liquid, in a pill. You're never too young to indulge in this. Get familiar and thank me later. 

These items should get you going. These plus a whole lot more in my Winter Beauty Gift Guide
You're pretty. She's pretty. And let's face it - we're worth it!


Catt Sadler


Here's something you may or may not know about me. I spend a lot of time at work. And I spend a lot of time getting naked. I change clothes sometimes five times a day for Daily Pop and E News and any other shoots that may arise. Because of this, I spend a lot of time in my dressing room. It's my second home. My sanctuary. Until recently, it's been white walls and fluorescent lights. With the exception of fresh flowers and scented candles that I often insist on to make the space feel nice and warm, it was pretty sterile. Until NOW!

My boyfriend turned me on to Poster Child Prints. He was raving about how interesting and yet affordable the prints are AND they custom create wall art for you based on your space and desired style and aesthetic. Well, here are the results. I am SO happy. The entire process was easy and now the small room where I spend so many hours lifts my energy and makes me smile. 

A big thank you to Framebridge for the eclectic and stylish finish for our project. Honestly, perfect.

Do we like? 

IMG_6068-2 copy.jpg

Use code CATTWALK15 to get 15% off your first order with Framebridge


Catt Sadler


LMxCATT_109 2.jpg

You may already know I've been supporting my mother's charity Women Like Us Foundation for many years. A few summers ago, I was forever changed after meeting the extraordinary young ladies living at The Olmalaika Home in Kenya.  The space is a place of refuge for girls who are victims of FGM. They are taken in, rebuilt, educated, supported and inspired to do and be anything they could ever imagine. Seeing their strength of spirit was truly like witnessing a miracle. Secondly, I've always always wanted to design a handbag. With the creative genius of Lulu Eschelman at Lumilla Mingus, I've done my first ever collaboration for charity.


Girls at the Olmalaika Home beading leather for the Jacki Bag.


Introducing the JACKI bag, named after my sweet friend from The Olmalaika Home who sadly lost her life this year after becoming gravely ill. Her story spawned me into action. I am beyond honored to announce that we've made these custom, one of a kind exclusive bags that can be yours online as of October 8th. The hand beaded straps were made BY THE GIRLS, for the girls. My portion of the proceeds from the bags' sales will go directly to the Women Like Us Foundation which will continue to support the Olmalaika Home and other women led initiatives. 

Email: to learn more


Catt Sadler


Pretty much the best job in the world. E sends me to NYFW to see the shows, interview celebrities on the red carpet, and film both E! News and Daily Pop each day sharing all the juicy fashionable deets!
Big thanks to the digital director of theCATTWALK, Ginger, for forcing me to capture the less glamorous, real, raw moments behind the scenes. Apologies in advance for my dorky nature.


Catt Sadler

As seen on E! News and Daily Pop.

Extraordinary styling by BECCA JEFFERSON





My visit to the Wake Up with Taylor studios! 


TOP // H&M


Tresemme shoot with Justine Marjan










Harper's Bazaar Icon Party

























Catt Sadler

THE BODY.  Who doesn't want to feel fit, fierce and sexy? We’re told that if we eat well, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and have enough sleep our skin will be in tip-top condition.

As much as we strive to tick these boxes, let’s be honest, it can be next to impossible.

People often forget that like our faces, our skin on our bodies also need deep cleansing and exfoliants. My Clarisonic for face and body has been one of my holy-grail products over the last few years - my skin has never felt and looked better. Using it with my Kiehl's Nurturing Body Wash, the combination leaves my skin giddy with euphoria and not dry and flaky as it can be with normal bar soap.

I’m a bath girl but cleansing and exfoliating my skin can be drying, so I always make sure I’m re-injecting soothing products to rehydrate and promote new cell growth. Keeping it in the Kiehl’s family, I love the Creme de Corps lotion, but time and time again I also find myself reaching for the classic scented Kai moisturizer as well. Truly addicted to their new ROSE scent.

Now to body makeup. Damn, they didn’t have this when I was coming up.  Products today are super luxurious and make a huge difference in the appearance of my skin.  The Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body Highlighter (sometimes mixed with body lotion to de-intensify) is a major weapon in my arsenal. Along with its soothing properties, it sculpts your body to give off the illusion of definition with added illumination. My other favorite, is the Vita Liberata the perfect odourless (yes, completely odourless) organically produced tan which lasts between 2-3 weeks - perfect when you’re short on time. The color is warm but more red, not in any orange or brassy looking. That’s highly important to me!


Beauty starts on the inside though. I mean that. I always double up with an extra boost or two:  some probiotics and other natural goodies. Included are some of the supplements in my rotation on the regular!  ENJOY and thank you for being curious about what I wear, lather up in, digest, and trust! I’m not paid to endorse these products but genuinely love them and hope you do too!



Catt Sadler

Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Beautiful skin is healthy - Dr. Howard Murad

Welcome to week two of August Beauty Month.  I’m first to admit that as a teenager and even young adult I didn’t care for my skin the way I should have. Tanning beds. Literally zero sunscreen. Hours and hours in the sun.
You can have the best skincare products and even the best makeup artist, but that lighter, brighter and more radiant skin comes from choices you’re making now.


STEP ONE: Steam Baby, Steam

Don’t have time to get a facial? When I want to get my skin it perfect condition, I plug in this Panasonic Mini Home Steamer and radiant skin is imminent.  I usually mist with this for three to five minutes. It opens my pores and as a result my cleansers, masks, serums and moisturizers work more effectively.

STEP TWO: Lather Cleanse Repeat  

Time and time again I find myself restocking my Murad products. Using my Clarisonic Mia 1, I like to lather up the Murad Refreshing Cleanser and together it works magic. This brush is gentle enough on the skin, but effective enough to give my face the most thorough cleansing possible.

Every couple of days, I also ensure I’m exfoliating my skin to remove old cells and make way for new ones to come through. Exfoliating helps to reduce pore size and give a dramatically smoother, brighter and healthier-looking foundation. At the moment, I’ve found myself reaching between the Bliss Micromagic Microdermabrasion Treatment, Kate Somerville’s best selling product the ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment and the Murad Exfoliating Cleanser - bye bye dullness, hello radiant mug! (I rotate these so my skin doesn’t get used to one particular product and stop responding to the ingredients.)

STEP THREE: Feed Your Skin

Every few days I follow my steam and cleanse with a good mask. Depending on your skin needs, masks help hydrate, remove excess oils and help pull out impurities. I have dry skin so I like to use masks that help nourish and rehydrate. One of my current favorites is the Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask. It leaves my skin feeling brand new. If aging and sagging are concerns, my other go-to: the Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Mask. Trust me, it’s a skin tightening game changer! I honestly feel like a million bucks after this one.

STEP FOUR: Treat Yourself

There’s nothing more satisfying than relaxing our senses as we prepare for slumber. Our skin heels, repairs and rejuvenates while we sleep, right? The Murad Rapid Age Spot And Pigment Lightening Serum has helped reduce my sun spots and hyper pigmentation in a major way. I can’t go back in time and change my time in the sun, but from the minute I started using this serum, I noticed a huge difference.

You may have heard of the Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil before. It’s a solution for fine lines, a pore reducer, and smells divine. I am obsessed with this product. I dab it all over my face, behind my ears, and even up my nose before slumber.

And an honorable mention goes to the Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Oil - it’s a similar product that I use the same way after cleansing my face in the morning. A little goes a long way. You can even put a drop of this in your foundation for a glowy, dewy makeup look while doing your skin some good. (Not recommended if you like a matte finish.)

Just remember, love the skin you’re in and believe in taking care of it - because it’s the only one you have!



Catt Sadler

Give a woman the right makeup and she can conquer the world - Charlotte Tilbury

Welcome to August Beauty Month.

I’ve always been fascinated and truly intrigued with makeup and skincare products. When I was in college, I worked at a few different makeup counters playing for hours on hours in paints, glosses, and creams.  Today,  “What’s your favorite foundation? What bronzer do you use? What’s your holy grail mascara?” are some of the questions I get asked by loyal followers on the daily.  So to answer all your questions, I’ve declared the month of August “Beauty Month” to show you ALL my favorite beauty, hair and skincare must-haves. (Also my birth month, so how timely!)

To kick off BEAUTY MONTH, I want to start with GLOW. All my favorite products that will accomplish just the right pop of dew, radiance, and shimmer. One of my most recent purchases was the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this compact as it looked quite similar to many of the others I already own. But boy was I shocked when it set off intensive radiations of illumination! As busy women, we’re always on the go and I’m sure like myself, none of you like having to lug around your entire makeup collection for touch-ups. So for me, this all-in-one palette with rose gold undertones is a literal miracle.

In summer especially, I like to let me skin breathe and keep my makeup as lightweight as possible. Lately, I’ve found myself reaching for the CT Unisex Healthy Glow moisturizer as my go-to. Without any effort of my own, it keeps my skin youthful and hydrated all day long and most importantly radiates the healthiest of glows. It can be worn alone or mixed with a foundation for more coverage.

2017-07-20 15.27.16.jpg

You may have seen me use this product on Snapchat or post about it on the blog. Say Hello To Sexy Legs’ Tinted Glow Gel has been a tanning game changer for me. Whenever I have a shoot or want to look more sun kissed instantly, I just lather myself up in the product. You can also mix it with lotion for extra hydration or to tone down the sheen – depending on your comfort level. When possible, I work natural products into my skincare - so not only is the use of caramel, caffeine, green tea and monoi oil my kind of concoction, the ingredients all work together to nourish the skin and also minimize the look of everything we don’t want to see - body fat, cellulite and stretch marks. It really is a win win.  And did I mention it’s 100% transfer-resistant? Yes, yes it really is.

So there you have it, three guaranteed, fool-proof products to G L O W . And because you can never have too much illumination, below is a roundup of other tried and true goodies that I’ve been reaching for in my vanity all summer long.

So what are you waiting for? Glow girl, glow!



Catt Sadler

If you follow my socials, you might have seen me wear Josefina shoes before. It’s a brand I truly trust. Reigning from Portugal, each pair is lovingly handmade, making every piece unique and special.

I’ve always been inspired by fashion and beauty, which is why I created theCATTWALK. Velvet has taken over the runways in the past year. Its chic and unexpected finish has quickly become the trend of choice.  From slip dresses to bodysuits, the sumptuous textured fabric that has appeared in every wardrobe essential has now turned to kick-ass sneaks.

When Josefina sent me these slip ons they ticked all the boxes. They were stylish, unique, on trend and thankfully comfortable. Also available in red velvet, they feature an interior leather lining and don a chunky rubber sole for added comfort, support and a lil height.

The weather may be heating up, but it's still possible to incorporate this thicker fabric into your summer wardrobe. Pair velvet sneakers with a dress, shorts, or pants and I assure you the luxe detail will add a playful touch to any outfit this season.


Catt Sadler

Well, it’s officially summer and hopefully you’re feeling fit, strong, and sexy.
Whether you are or are not, I’ve got the perfect prescription for you.

Surely you’ve heard about the genius of fitness guru Tracy Anderson over the years? She’s transformed bodies like Gwynth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, and a slew of super models. She’s changed the lives of everyday women. Moms. Teens. Dudes, too.  

I first experienced the TA Method about ten years ago and can affirm that this workout absolutely WORKS! I found myself going to her studio when I could, doing the dvd’s when I couldn’t, and in recent years doing isolated sculpting exercises by streaming her workouts online.

Like most of us, I was getting bored with hot yoga and running and really wanted to see a difference in my physical body again. The reason I love the TA Method so much is that it truly gives me the tightest, most toned, most sleek shape I’ve ever had. When I do the cardio and light weights combo consistently, the results are insane. 

Not only has Tracy become a friend, but she’s a fellow Hoosier and I couldn’t be more genuinely happy to get behind her fitness philosophy. I’m incredibly inspired by her dedication to helping other women feel better about themselves. She’s a badass working mother, too, and operates at a rapid pace! A super woman - no doubt. 

So you could imagine when I asked Tracy to help me get fans of theCATTWALK excited to work out and she offered to tailor make a video just for us, I was thrilled! Like with a lot of her moves, you’ll have to watch maybe a few times and count your reps on your own, but I promise you, once you get it down you’ll see results you will love. 

So thank you TRACY for this awesome gift. Thank you, if you’re reading this, for continuing on this journey of well being with me. And please, always send us feedback about the workout and the rest of the site. Without you, there is no us!

Lots of love. Lots of toned tummies. Lots of energy, stamina, and light!!



Catt Sadler


Everyone asks me about my skin.  It’s extremely flattering honestly. I’m no spring chicken, but thankfully with an arsenal of beauty products, decent genes, moderate exercise, and a pretty clean diet,  my skin is in solid shape.  

I’m on TV nearly every day and have been for twenty plus years, so if that isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is!  But along the way, I’ve been exposed to some phenomenal beauty lines and products. Trust me, I’ve tried them all.  I know what works and what’s just a bunch of overpriced smell-good crap taking up space in my bathroom.

When The Covetuer asked to come to my house and observe my nighttime skincare regime, I was like - duh!  They got me talking about my daily habits and were kind enough to include them online recently. It inspired me, however, to share even MORE with you because there are some absolute essentials vital to keeping my face looking tip-top.

Below is a list of tried and true beauty products that I genuinely love and use on the regular. I am not endorsed to promote ANY of them except MURAD, a skincare line I’ve used for a decade.


psst... use code CATT20 for a discount on!