I used to sit at home on Oscars Sunday as a little girl in Indiana in my living room on my knees glued to the tv. I hung on every word the stars said in their acceptance speeches. Often there were tears streaming down my face because of the drama of it all. In my small world, Hollywood seemed as far away as Pluto, really. I never dreamed that one day I would grow up and be in the center of it all. Well, until I grew up and started dreaming of being in the center of it all. I covered my first Academy Awards red carpet in 2007. It was surreal, fascinating, overwhelming, and outrageously intoxicating to witness first hand all of this extreme talent in one place. To see these out-of-this-world couture creations with my own eyes, up close! To enjoy the sparkle of all that bling before me. To utter the words "Congratulations! How does it feel to hold that gold statue?" Suddenly my dreams were becoming a living, breathing reality. Of course, with the opportunity comes the responsibility. I have such an extraordinary, highly-coveted job as an on-air host, presenter, personality. I take it very seriously when the light goes on and we are "LIVE on E!"


Navigating live tv is a finely honed skill and an art I will forever be learning. I am still very much a student of the game.

BUT, dressing for the carpet is in and of itself ANOTHER skill. I put an immense amount of energy into feeling good on the red carpet and that , let's face it, begins with looking good.

Behind every celebrity is a team fluffing them, primping them, steaming them, spraying them, poking them into perfection. BOW DOWN to my team for this year's Oscars, because guess what, I didn't wake up like this! Thank you Taylor Jacobson for styling me (that vintage YSL gold bracelet is LIFE), Maria Vargas (the wizard) for the beautiful makeup, and Julie Ferrante for the one of a kind (Amber Heard inspired shhhh!) up-do! I'm especially grateful for the behind-the-scenes images captured so effortlessly by my personal, super cute and petite paparazzi, Ginger Duran.