What you need for an at-home facial

Don't have time to get a facial?
Don't want to drop mucho dinero at a high priced spa?
Who does?

Listen, this little invention is one of my favorite things. When I want to get my skin back in mint condition, I plug this mini home steamer in and voila, radiant skin is imminent. I use it at least once a week to get my skin feeling like new.

Firstly, I clean my face. Then I mist with this for 3 to five minutes. I follow with one of my desired masks. Sometimes, it's like you've got to give your products a little lift, a hand if you will, and you'll find they work better. Once I've done a deep clean and opened my pores with this steamer, my masks, serums, and moisturizers work more effectively. 

So anyway, this works. Treat yourself if you believe in taking care of the skin you're in. I do! xx

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