I have a real affinity for fragrances. Some would say I have quite a nose, in fact!  Therefore, I am incredibly attuned to various scents and pay special attention to perfumes on the market. It's funny, I'm not one of those people who wears the same scent year after year because my mood tends to dictate my desired perfume on any given day - just as my mood dictates what shoes, what jeans, and what bag I wear. 

My home was burglarized over the summer and the little bastards swiped my entire perfume tray. (Who does that?!) Anyway, I had worn Byrdeo Gypsy Water in the past, but my sweet friend Catalina Su hooked me up with an entire array of new scents from the line and I fell in love. 

Byredo's newest offering is Super Cedar and I just adore it for Fall. It's got this mix of woods that takes me back to my Indiana roots in the wilderness, but with this very elegant modern finish. Absolutely divine!

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