There’s just something about the first day of a month. There’s something about November that feels fresh, new, exciting. And yes, you probably noticed, theCATTWALK looks a little different.

I’m stepping into today feeling so grateful. I love this blog because it’s a creative extension of myself and celebrates what fuels me: fashion, beauty, mind and body awareness, beautiful things. It’s in a way a documentation of the moments in between in my life, captured and cemented here in digital land. In reflecting, I so appreciate my full life and the ability to share with you. Whether it’s a sick pair of boots you decide to spoil yourself with or a nudge to put your running shoes on or a cattfirmation that lifts your spirits on those darker days when we want to stay in bed with the covers over our head. I hope you come often and leave taking something with you.

I had been eyeing this intricate, unique necklace for some time and finally pulled the trigger and purchased it. It arrived in the mail just this week.  It’s design so lovely, but it’s meaning even better. The name of the necklace by FOUNDRAE is WHOLENESS and the medallion’s design encourages us to seek unity within through growth and balance. The snake serves as a talisman of rejuvenation.

So here’s to WHOLENESS, GROWTH, and REJUVENATION in NOVEMBER. Let’s do it. Hut Hut and Lots of Love.