What you need for a relaxing and soothing night in.

A lot of people don't know this about me but when I was in college studying journalism, I worked in the makeup department at Nordstrom to help pay my tuition. (As a child, I always loved dipping in lipstick and experimenting with eyeliner and spritzing perfume. I remember vividly sneaking into my mom's closet and playing dress up on the regular. After all, she was SO beautiful!) Eventually, I realized I really enjoyed painting my friends faces and actually had a knack for doing a pretty good job. 

I was a lousy saleswoman at Chanel, Trish McEvoy, and Lancome in the late 90's, but I adored playing in products! I got to try everything! And this is when I realized, even at 20 years old, that a strict skincare regime was crucial. I started using products with sunscreen, anti-aging properties, and also became discerning about what products really worked. (Having the discount didn't hurt either. I know how expensive it can be to take proper care of your skin!)

To this day, because of my many many years in the makeup chair getting ready for television, I've continued to learn so much from various artists about how to take care of my mug. When I'm not shooting E! News, working on my blog, or being a mom, I get lost in my bathroom trying all of the latest and greatest products. 

This past weekend I decided to lock myself into my bedroom and treat myself to a zen spa experience at home.  I haven't had time to work out and so getting a good night's sleep is paramount to my health and my peace of mind. The frigid temps this season also take a toll on our skin, so I lit a few candles, put on my classical tunes and went all in! 

After a relaxing and soothing night in, I knew I wanted to share all the details of my pampering sesh with you. These are all products I use and genuinely approve. Cheers to you.

Mind, body, soul - and a glowing fresh face forward to the world!



First things first, light a candle. Not just any candle though. Naked Princess honestly elicits this spa boudouir-scent and somehow makes unwinding easier than normal. 


A bath is essential. The hotter the better. Bath salts are nice, but I have super dry skin. When the temperatures drop, I like a bath oil. This one smells divine and I love the rosemary sprig. 


This body oil is perfection. Not too greasy, super emollient, and seemingly more moisturizing than lotion. Lathering all over, especially on hands, feet, and elbows before bed ... and ahhhhhh.

After you're clean and your body is lubed up, it's all about your face. I am obsessed with doing masks at home. These three are my favorite. I use the Natura Bisse Diamond Ice-Lift when I need a thorough exfoliation - this one feels the closest to one you'd receive at an actual spa. It's the Big Daddy in my arsenal. Charlotte TIlbury's clay mask delivers on its promise by smoothing and brightening in an instant. I rotate this mask into my regime a couple times a month. My all-time favorite mask is Murad's Intensive-C Radiance Peel. I can use this 2-3 times a week; it really rids my skin of built up residue and it's not too harsh on my face. It rinses off easily and literally is an essential. 


After a mask, I like a good serum. The Advanced Active Radiance Serum is a lovely companion to the Radiance Peel. I've also religiously used the Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum. Too many years in the sun and tanning beds. This serum works and as some of you know, I have partnered with Murad because I believe in it so much! 


I always use an eye cream but on 'spa night', I like this one because it's heavy duty. Goes with the whole uber-emollient theme.  


This Floribunda Lip Balm is like a big luxurious kiss on the lips. It smells edible and I like that it's in a tub rather than a roll-on. 

One of my absolute favorite skincare discoveries in 2016 was Sunday Riley's Luna Sleeping Night Oil. There is no better scent in a bottle, I swear. It's like an aromatic explosion to your senses and I don't know what all is in it but it lures me to sleep like a baby. I put it all over my face, lightly in my nostrils, and behind my ears. It promises to heal your skin while you sleep and even tighten your pores. 

While we're tending to our outside, let's take our vitamins and tend to our insides, shall we? It's hard to remember to take supplements, but when I can - I do. Lumity makes some for day and for night. These promote a deep sleep and healthy healing while we snooze. I don't know if they really work, honestly, but I feel better about myself when I take them. I mean, they can't HURT.

Also paramount for a good night's sleep is the right pillowcase and eye mask. I just discovered these silk pieces and can honestly say I've been sleeping so soundly. Even if it doesn't really enhance your sleep patterns, you'll feel a lil more Mariah while you're in your bed. Trust. 

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