When it comes to diet, I definitely believe in balance and moderation but I also believe there is a serious problem with the amounts of sugar humans are consuming on a daily basis. It’s everywhere! It lurks in foods you wouldn’t even suspect. It’s addictive properties are very very real. Look at the statistics and you’ll realize that obesity is an epidemic in our country as well. 


My dear friend Stephanie Soechtig together with Katie Couric made a very compelling film called Fed Up about this very subject. It’s revealing, provocative, and educational. As part of Mind + Body month I hope you’ll watch the documentary (it's on Netflix and Amazon) and even take the Fed Up Challenge. It’s 10 days sugar-free. Learn more about it here. And if you’re really inspired, join me as I kick off the challenge today myself! I’ll be snapping my food choices so come along for the ride to get ideas on what to put into your body minus the sweet stuff!