Five minutes from now, you can be enjoying the real, substantial, positive momentum and confidence that come from taking action right now.
-- Ralph Marston

When I wake up, before I start scrolling through work emails or checking Instagram, I try to allow myself a solid few minutes to set my intention for the day. I give thanks for another day breathing here on Earth before I quickly transition into the hustle of being a mom of two kids, five pets, and aiming to be at work on time! I am obsessed with affirmations - some of which I have renamed CATTFIRMATIONS - like the quote above from one of my favorite motivators, Ralph Marston. Where our thoughts go, our energy flows.

There are some health and beauty essentials that I've come to know and love that make a big difference in my day. I've included some here.

An E3Live algae shot every morning has the same benefits of an energy drink but instead is SO good for you. I find that I have more clarity, sustained energy, and there are proven immunity benefits in this as well. I do the shot which isn't so tasty, but I also mix into smoothies on occasion for the same results. I'm also a fan of Fish Oil pills. They are believed to provide mood support, bone support and lower cholesterol. 

Can't live without my IT Cosmetics Illuminating Veil with SPF 50. I dab on either medium or tan depending on the season to even outmy skin tone and protect my skin as I head out the door.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer spray, YES. Covers my roots and those pesky gray hairs. God send. 

Oh and I just discovered Milk Makeup SUNSHINE OIL. Proceeds to Dayna (read about it here) but it's a fantastic essential oil for face and body

Everyone always asks me about my lashes. Of course I put on fake lashes for E News, but in general I've maintained really long lashes thanks to NeuLash. I put this on each morning. It's become as natural as brushing my teeth.

Lastly, and yes I'm a spokesperson for Murad, but I don't leave home without putting on my Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum (under my moisturizer). That sun damage has really caught up with me over the years and those freckles have become not-so-cute spots. This serum has lightened them with repeated use. Obsessed!