Alarm goes off. Rise and Shine! The boys and I have smoothies before we depart hotel and head down to check-in for race.

We get our bibs. I'm feeling good and excited. Boys are sleepy but looking forward to the Bunny Hop, too! Kyle, Sarah, and Ava arrive just before 7am. We do some final stretches!  7am Kyle, Austin, and I take off for the 10K. It's two long loops on the boardwalk - just shy of the Santa Monica Pier, towards Malibu, and back again - twice. 



The 5k group takes off. We all pass each other on the boardwalk so it was fun cheering each other on that way!

Until 8am I'm snap chatting my way through the entire run. It energizes me some how to share journey with you guys. Music was blasting through my headphones every step of the way. Can't run without tunes.


We have all finished, are beet red, sweaty. I told Arion I would jump in ocean when it was over. He didn't believe me. Mama kept her promise!


We chilled poolside at Casa del Mar sipping a few Bloody Mary's post-run. Noshed on a few pastries as well. 


Had a beautiful brunch at the hotel with the family. 



Back to the beach for more fun in the sun and relaxation after our active morning!


Depart hotel for home with the boys. We are all exhausted at this point. I shower and crawl straight into bed by 6p! Truthfully, I was already feeling quite sore and had a massive headache so I was downing fluids. 


Pizza delivery - fancy - while cuddling in bed with the boys. Watched CREED finally and Vacation.


Lights out. Rocked our beach and fitness Easter. Being together makes it all perfect. So much to be grateful for. Ended our day aware of our blessings and each other.