I'm extremely guilty of sleeping in my makeup from time to time and literally just collapsing on my bed at the end of a long day but that doesn't mean I don't value a good night's sleep! 

We all know sleep is a vital part of our overall health, so when I am on my best behavior, my pre-bedtime rituals consist of the following. 

Skin repairs itself over night. You've probably seen my home facial steamer on my snapchat. This is a game changer. So relaxing right before I tuck in. I follow my steam with a good mask. I rotate between Murad's Radiance Peel and Dolce and Gabbana Aurealux Mask.

There's also nothing more satisfying than relaxing our senses as we prepare for slumber. This Tom Dixon Fire candle is my new favorite. I also pour these Muji pure essential oils into a vaporizer to create a productive sleep setting.

And last but not least, this eye mask is EVERYTHING. It's designed to prevent wrinkles and naturally keep out the light to keep you sleeping more soundly. 

AHHHHH. Good night, world!