I have few regrets in life but I do have one. Naively exposing myself to the sun and even tanning beds relentlessly in my teens and twenties. Thank God for good genes as my skin is holding up nicely – but it’s not without quite a bit of effort. Sun spots and wrinkles have reared their nasty little heads and so these days, I don’t step outside without SPF. But, who doesn’t a love a warm golden glow on their skin? I’ve tried just about every self tanner on the market and Vita Liberata is my favorite. I especially love their mousse. I’m obsessed with the golden brown shade, no traces of orange at all. Their products are also odorless and non-toxic.

I’m off to Mexico for a photo shoot and who do I call? The VL spray tan team. Yep, that exists too.
This is not an ad, just another way to be mindful. It feels good making the healthy yet beautiful choice for our bods.

Bronze Goddess in the Making,

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