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Los Angeles




Catt Sadler


Last week we celebrated National Wine Day and it dawned on me just how much I love a good bottle of red. When I shared that with you on snapchat, by golly, you responded with enthusiasm! Hence, the birth of Wine Wednesdays on #theCATTWALK. I'll feature some of my favorites here each week. I'm no expert, I promise you that, but I do know what tastes good to me. Everyone is different obviously, but if you crave full-bodied, complex, sometimes spicy red wine - perhaps you'll like my recommendations. 

The Prisoner is a Napa Valley blend that my brother first introduced to me. One sip and you'll get some cherry. Another sip and you'll taste a little raspberry, fig and even espresso. It's not a cheap bottle but not horrifically expensive either. The label speaks to me. I'm always a sucker for an artful, thought-provoking label.

Let us celebrate with wine and sweet words.
— Plautus