I'm busy. Like, always in the fast-lane kind of busy. And because of the nature of my job, I am often in the public eye. Either on TV each day, shooting images for #theCATTWALK, or attending the occasional red carpet event. There's also my incessant snapping away for social media, appearing in front of hundreds of people when emceeing shows and events, and oh yeah - looking presentable at my kids' functions and activities!

All of this hustle and bustle means a whole lot of outfits. And with each of these looks, I've got to look put together! I used to spend hours trying to iron in an effort to prep my clothes. Who has the time? (Or patience?!)  I've also tried a few of those small portable steamers - almost a joke. And then, I discovered the big daddy of home steamers, SteamOne, and wow, problems solved. It's super user friendly, highly effective, and high tech. And a bonus, the design is just gorgeous. 

As I'm gearing up for my trip to Chicago to discuss all things fashion and beauty as host of Simply Stylist next month, I'm planning on sharing my love of this product as one of my insider tips! A must-have for any stylist, designer, blogger, fashionista, or stylish modern woman on the go!