Video: Hollywood Hills Photoshoot

I’m crazy. This video is proof of that. But ya know what, I’m having fun! 

As I continue to grow #theCATTWALK with my amazing team, I thought it would be cool to give you some Cattfidential access in to what goes on behind the scenes. As you can tell from the images on my homepage as of this moment, the pics are outdated. Shorter hair. Darker hair. Tired fashion. So… this video is about capturing new, fresh, updated pics to live on #theCATTWALK the rest of this summer.  The way I see it is if I’m going to continue inspiring YOU, I have to stay inspired as well! It was honestly so fun finding fashion and beauty inspo for this shoot. And then to make our golden goddess summer vibe come to life - now that’s MAGIC! Everything made possible by: Vibe Tribe, Ginger Duran, Fiona Zaring, Megan Crean, Maria Vargas, David Naumann and special thank you to Juliet for the space.