Here's something you may or may not know about me. I spend a lot of time at work. And I spend a lot of time getting naked. I change clothes sometimes five times a day for Daily Pop and E News and any other shoots that may arise. Because of this, I spend a lot of time in my dressing room. It's my second home. My sanctuary. Until recently, it's been white walls and fluorescent lights. With the exception of fresh flowers and scented candles that I often insist on to make the space feel nice and warm, it was pretty sterile. Until NOW!

My boyfriend turned me on to Poster Child Prints. He was raving about how interesting and yet affordable the prints are AND they custom create wall art for you based on your space and desired style and aesthetic. Well, here are the results. I am SO happy. The entire process was easy and now the small room where I spend so many hours lifts my energy and makes me smile. 

A big thank you to Framebridge for the eclectic and stylish finish for our project. Honestly, perfect.

Do we like? 

IMG_6068-2 copy.jpg

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