A gift for those who give and give and give. This particular guide is for all of the friends in your life that have you over for sweet sips, dinners, or festive soirees this time of year. I’ve put together a list of items that give any gathering a little extra something special. Do not, I repeat, do not show up thirsty at someone’s home empty handed. Pretty is as pretty does and it’s super important to show your gratitude always.


The aura in the air isn’t just that fuzzy feeling you get during the holiday season. For me, it’s the scent when you walk into a room. I own this Ojai Home and Linen Mist and spray it literally everywhere.  Your friends will certainly appreciate the thought of an intoxicating scent to add to the ambiance.

We all know your sister is the perfect entertainer, so how about adding to her knowledge and expertise? The next soirée might just be inspired by the gift of a fun food book like this.



It’s all about the presentation. Charcuteries displayed on a serving board and elegant cheese knives to compliment will elevate any gathering to Napa status. I am absolutely obsessed with these!

Your bestie deserves a little something too. Often your favorite host will forget to spoil herself. Let her know she’s as special as she makes those around her feel with beauty favs like a ravishing red lipstick from Tom Ford.


Still don’t know what to get the host in your life? 
Head over to my Gift Guide for Her to find even more holiday inspiration.

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