Mexico keeps calling to me and I keep answering the call.

This time I was able to return to a brand new luxe resort and bring my besties with me. Aren’t girls trips just absolutely necessary for the soul? I think so.  We sipped tons of tequila, laughed like we were 16, and soaked up the sun for the entire duration - while lathering in sunscreen, natch.

The staff at Grand Velas was so incredibly wonderful and warm. Literally, impeccable service. The grounds and accommodations were super luxe and gorgeous as you can see.  Y la comida? INSANE! Huge thank you to The Zaring Group for showing us the way!

As promised, below are some fun snaps captured during our stay and some links to shop our looks.  And, as promised if you saw my Facebook Live from Cabo, the beauty products featured for our “night-time-going-out” make up look are clickable as well.

Muchas Gracias mis amores,
Catt (GATO)