Here's something you may not know about me. If I wasn't a tv host or running a fashion and lifestyle blog, I honestly could spend all day every day studying home design. It's so interesting to me! I truly appreciate every aspect of home decor and certainly know what I'm attracted to aesthetically, but having the time to create the perfect space within my home is another story. It's a full time job and time is something I don't have enough of, let's be honest. 

So, here's the story. I already had a comfortable room where the boys and I spend most of our time as a family. But I really wanted to create an elevated, glamorous, and sophisticated space that felt more adult in my home. 

The formal living room space called for many changes: It needed to make a strong impression for my guests as a “grown-up entertaining space”, but I still wanted it laid-back enough for the boys and my girl (aka my dog), Scarlett.  I knew I needed to bring in the big guns to breathe life into this underused space so I called on the help of Laurel & Wolf.

This room is the first space you see when you walk in the front door, and it always bothered me that it was unfinished. The room gets so much gorgeous light, but it was just unused space—no energy, no soul. It was begging to come to life.

I started with lucite waterfall coffee table, a champagne-colored rug, a vintage credenza, an heirloom piano, and a daybed. I purchased the rug earlier in the year and absolutely loved the lush, champagne color and texture of it. It was a core piece that inspired the rest of the design. The vintage credenza was already a feature and the  heirloom piano was passed down from my grandmother.


I think my personal style is warm and inviting, but also erring on the minimal side. I despise clutter or too much of anything—it makes me feel heavy. I don't over accessorize when I get dressed, and I certainly don't want too many knickknacks in my home. Less is more. Kimberly really understood this and welcomed my cues and direction. As an celebrated expert, she then took the reins and went to work!

The team at  Laurel & Wolf also knew to make good use of the space in this room.  My designer Kimberly helped me figure out a more efficient plan for the furniture and created a very inviting space. I wanted a more intimate arrangement of furniture that was conducive to entertaining. I also wanted to mute the color scheme quite a bit and get away from the masculine feel. I will say I’m no shrining violet and had strong opinions about what I wanted. She really listened to my design instinct which made for a very trusting collaboration. 

I’ve tried to work on the house myself in the past, and it can be so overwhelming trying to take on a job like this alone. Kimberly endlessly offered so many alternative options from fabrics to wallpaper, to key furniture pieces. It was like Christmas every time I opened my inbox. She was exceptional at listening to my strong opinions on certain decisions and ultimately wanted me to be happy.

I have to say I am ecstatic with how it all turned out! The fact this service is affordable and so extremely user friendly is such a win. I honestly can’t say enough good things about the company. If you’d like to try it, please use the CATTWALK for a discounted experience. I’m confident you’ll have a superb design experience like me.