How-to create the perfect "going out" makeup look

I love love love makeup.  I am always playing around with new products and learning all the little tricks of the trade that can transform my look from simple to sophisticated effortlessly.

On my girls getaway last weekend in Mexico I took full advantage of having one of my besties, Catalina Su with me and asked her to teach us how to create a youthful, sexy and luminous look for night. 

If you missed my Facebook Live session straight from my hotel suite in Cabo, you can watch our video now and see the how-to from start to finish.

It's never easy knowing just how much makeup to pack when you're going on a trip, but truthfully you don't need to bring much at all. A good moisturizer with spf, a dewy foundation, and a bronzer for that sun-kissed glow. Okay, and maybe a liquid or powder highlight. (Highlight slash GLOW is my favorite trend in makeup right now. The tip of your nose should be illuminated!)

I often get asked how my skin looks so radiant (thank you) so here's my biggest tip: it's not about a good skincare regimen the day or night you're planning to go out, it's about being consistent effort every single day.  I swear by Murad products. I've been using them for more than a decade and have them to thank for my skin. If you'd like to try them too click on this link and you can get 20% of your next purchase.  All of the products Lina uses in this tutorial to complete my look are listed below and are shoppable. 

So have a go. Try this look out for yourself, and never stop glowing from the inside and out. 

Catt xx 

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