Well, it’s officially summer and hopefully you’re feeling fit, strong, and sexy.
Whether you are or are not, I’ve got the perfect prescription for you.

Surely you’ve heard about the genius of fitness guru Tracy Anderson over the years? She’s transformed bodies like Gwynth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, and a slew of super models. She’s changed the lives of everyday women. Moms. Teens. Dudes, too.  

I first experienced the TA Method about ten years ago and can affirm that this workout absolutely WORKS! I found myself going to her studio when I could, doing the dvd’s when I couldn’t, and in recent years doing isolated sculpting exercises by streaming her workouts online.

Like most of us, I was getting bored with hot yoga and running and really wanted to see a difference in my physical body again. The reason I love the TA Method so much is that it truly gives me the tightest, most toned, most sleek shape I’ve ever had. When I do the cardio and light weights combo consistently, the results are insane. 

Not only has Tracy become a friend, but she’s a fellow Hoosier and I couldn’t be more genuinely happy to get behind her fitness philosophy. I’m incredibly inspired by her dedication to helping other women feel better about themselves. She’s a badass working mother, too, and operates at a rapid pace! A super woman - no doubt. 

So you could imagine when I asked Tracy to help me get fans of theCATTWALK excited to work out and she offered to tailor make a video just for us, I was thrilled! Like with a lot of her moves, you’ll have to watch maybe a few times and count your reps on your own, but I promise you, once you get it down you’ll see results you will love. 

So thank you TRACY for this awesome gift. Thank you, if you’re reading this, for continuing on this journey of well being with me. And please, always send us feedback about the workout and the rest of the site. Without you, there is no us!

Lots of love. Lots of toned tummies. Lots of energy, stamina, and light!!


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