THE BODY.  Who doesn't want to feel fit, fierce and sexy? We’re told that if we eat well, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and have enough sleep our skin will be in tip-top condition.

As much as we strive to tick these boxes, let’s be honest, it can be next to impossible.

People often forget that like our faces, our skin on our bodies also need deep cleansing and exfoliants. My Clarisonic for face and body has been one of my holy-grail products over the last few years - my skin has never felt and looked better. Using it with my Kiehl's Nurturing Body Wash, the combination leaves my skin giddy with euphoria and not dry and flaky as it can be with normal bar soap.

I’m a bath girl but cleansing and exfoliating my skin can be drying, so I always make sure I’m re-injecting soothing products to rehydrate and promote new cell growth. Keeping it in the Kiehl’s family, I love the Creme de Corps lotion, but time and time again I also find myself reaching for the classic scented Kai moisturizer as well. Truly addicted to their new ROSE scent.

Now to body makeup. Damn, they didn’t have this when I was coming up.  Products today are super luxurious and make a huge difference in the appearance of my skin.  The Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body Highlighter (sometimes mixed with body lotion to de-intensify) is a major weapon in my arsenal. Along with its soothing properties, it sculpts your body to give off the illusion of definition with added illumination. My other favorite, is the Vita Liberata the perfect odourless (yes, completely odourless) organically produced tan which lasts between 2-3 weeks - perfect when you’re short on time. The color is warm but more red, not in any orange or brassy looking. That’s highly important to me!


Beauty starts on the inside though. I mean that. I always double up with an extra boost or two:  some probiotics and other natural goodies. Included are some of the supplements in my rotation on the regular!  ENJOY and thank you for being curious about what I wear, lather up in, digest, and trust! I’m not paid to endorse these products but genuinely love them and hope you do too!


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