She is a God. And I don’t say that lightly.

I had heard about Nurse Jamie in certain circles of friends, read about her business, heard about her products. I then met her when she was a guest on my old show. But then, I went to visit her.  Let’s just say she SEES your face and she has a whole bag of magic tricks to enhance what you’ve already got without looking like you went out and bought a new face off the rack. A little plump here and a little resurfacing there. She zapped a few sun spots that were bugging me and wow - what a difference it makes. If you’re ever in LA and can schedule an appointment - treat yourself!


But beyond that, I’ve fallen in love with her eye cream. I’ve always struggled with puffy undereyes and always felt like you could really see my age in this area of my face. The skin is super thin here and definitely harder to combat those finer lines. I’ve been using Nurse Jamie EGF Eye Complex and have actually noticed a real difference. My dark circles have lightened and the skin just feels firmer.


Now keep in mind, I’ve been taking care of myself so much more these days - I have cut dairy out of my diet the last month or so, take my supplements religiously, have cut waaaaay down on alcohol. I’m a believer in overall beauty also coming from the inside out. BUT a good eye cream is a good eye cream. Period.

Ha! You’re welcome!

Catt Sadler