Some of you have visited before and some of you are popping by for the first time. To all of you, I say thank you! I created this website first and foremost, to inspire. Other than the mostly scripted words I speak on E! News each night, I haven’t had a real and meaningful way to connect with you (unless of course, you count snap chat)!  This space serves as an outlet to share what I have learned and continue to learn through my experiences in the entertainment and fashion industry.  The tricks of the trade, my beauty product selects, the details of my outfits both on and off camera. In the near future I’ll be sharing my fitness routine, my obsession with health and wellness, and anything and everything else you’re curious to know more about.

I want to inform you, entertain you, inspire you. I want all of us to be living our best lives! (Yes, that means you’ll get to read the occasional #cattfirmation, too.) Please, log on often, subscribe to my weekly newsletter and reach out with your thoughts and requests on my contact page.

Lastly, a huge BOW DOWN to the fierce females who brought this project to life. My younger spirit sisters from Vibe Tribe Creative – Lindsey Cavanaugh and Hilary Schleshinger , and the Director of theCATTWALK, my right-hand female, the tireless and always fashionable Ginger Duran.