Everyone asks me about my skin.  It’s extremely flattering honestly. I’m no spring chicken, but thankfully with an arsenal of beauty products, decent genes, moderate exercise, and a pretty clean diet,  my skin is in solid shape.  

I’m on TV nearly every day and have been for twenty plus years, so if that isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is!  But along the way, I’ve been exposed to some phenomenal beauty lines and products. Trust me, I’ve tried them all.  I know what works and what’s just a bunch of overpriced smell-good crap taking up space in my bathroom.

When The Covetuer asked to come to my house and observe my nighttime skincare regime, I was like - duh!  They got me talking about my daily habits and were kind enough to include them online recently. It inspired me, however, to share even MORE with you because there are some absolute essentials vital to keeping my face looking tip-top.

Below is a list of tried and true beauty products that I genuinely love and use on the regular. I am not endorsed to promote ANY of them except MURAD, a skincare line I’ve used for a decade.


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