Dear Catt,
I’m new to following you, so you may have posted about this before but do you have a workout schedule? You look amazing!!
From, @_theperfectpairs_ - Dallas, Texas


Awesome Kate!
Thanks for following and welcome to the cattwalk! I do a few workouts consistently and usually alternate them to keep it interesting. Hot yoga is my number one go-to. I practice at Modo Yoga. I feel toned, stretched, and my skin looks amazing from sweating so much. It’s the only exercise where I leave drenched and supremely relaxed. Also, in my forties, I fell in love with running for the first time. I like that I can just head out my front door and knock out 2 or 3 miles in less than a half hour. My legs and abs feel more toned and this does wonders for my mental well being! Beyond this, I try and incorporate the Tracy Anderson Method into my workouts. It’s dance cardio and precision weight training. You can stream her videos on Amazon or on her website. They’re not easy to be honest. It requires coordination and commitment but the results are incredible! I feel like a lot of trainers focus on large muscle groups and we as women like a more lean and compact muscular structure - at least I do. A dancer’s body. I can do the TA arm workout with weights from home in just under 15 minutes. Works great with my hectic on-the-go Mommy lifestyle!
Much Love, Catt


Dear Catt,
If you’re comfortable with sharing, I would love to know the background from your lion tattoo.  It is stunning. I have a recent infatuation with lions. My beautiful and perfectly healthy son passed away on December 4 of this last year. His name is Leo and his absence envelops every moment of my days.  I always seem to come across lions and for a split moment my heart aches a little less and I am able to smile. I know that tattoos are usually very private, so if you would rather not share, I would completely understand.  
From, @brittanyprimeaux


Hi Brittany,
Firstly, my heart breaks for you. I truly cannot imagine your pain and am genuinely sorry for your loss. I don’t mind sharing about my tattoo one bit. It’s my favorite one! My lion tattoo is actually two tattoos merged into one. I first had the pisces zodiac sign on my bicep, a symbol of my first born son Austin’s star sign. My baby, Arion, is not a Leo but his nickname is Arion the Lion. (It rhymes. Arion is pronounced like Orion the constellation but with a soft A.) Anyway, I always wanted a very soft looking lion face and was lucky enough to get an appointment with Dr. Woo. He does the single needle work that looks soft and dainty. The detail is really impressive. I get so many compliments on this ink. I love love love it!
Best Wishes, Catt


Dear Catt,
I just wondered if and when you will be returning to TV ?
E! will never be the same without you.
From, Anita Russell - Maryville, TN


Hi Anita,
Thanks for the kind words. Of course I’m coming back to TV! This is the first time I’ve had a season *not* on camera in twenty years. I’ve been focusing on building my media company which includes my website, developing a podcast, writing a book, and producing other women’s creative content. Having said all that, TV is my passion and one true love. I’m working on not just hosting a TV show, but developing from the ground up. It takes some time but the process is thrilling and challenging and I’m learning an insane amount about the business. I’ve also intentionally taken this time to spend more quality time with my kids and travel while I can. I feel so blessed that through an unfortunate and disappointing situation I’ve been able to grow, stretch, create and ultimately determine my destiny on my own terms. I do not take it for granted. I’ve preached it a million times but “know your worth and act on it!” The rewards really are there waiting for you!
Many thanks, Catt

Dear Catt,
Can you tell me where the cream ribbed top you were wearing in your insta stories is from pretty please?
From, @jennifer_goldie


Hi Jennifer!
Isn’t that the cutest cropped cardi? I bought it in New York at Intermix. It’s Ronny Kobo and can be yours! :)
xx, Catt

Dear Catt,
First, I would like to thank you.
Thank you for dedicating your time and talent to your passion. Thank you for being an inspiration to women journalists. And thank you for finally giving some hope to an aspiring young journalist who was beginning to get sick of everyone telling her no.
My name is Andria and I moved to DC almost two years ago after graduating college. I currently work for a nonprofit but ultimately want to become a journalist. I was perusing the internet looking for journalism jobs in DC and somehow came across an interview you did with The Muse where you said "never let anyone tell you no." Those were the exact words I needed to hear right now and I thank you for saying them. It is extremely difficult to find a journalism job in DC, but even more difficult when every person I talk to in the field tells me I need to move, or start over, or give up. What advice would you give to someone trying to break into this industry? Thanks so much for your time.

From, Andria


I hear you! This must be so frustrating. I hear stories like this alot. You cannot, should not, under any circumstance give up on your dream if this is it. I’m not sure what your financial situation is, but can you write for free? Sometimes just getting published or having a column is enough to beef up your “experience” so you are seemingly more attractive to potential employers.

I’d also really investigate the NO’s you’re hearing. Try and get as much information as possible as to why you’re being passed over. What can you improve upon? What was the weak portion of your interview or application process? Feedback is fuel and you never know, with just a few tweaks you might be perfectly aligned for the next big opportunity.

You’re SO welcome and good luck. Let us know when you score that gig after all!
XX Catt

Dear Catt,
I am a regular visitor all the way from South Africa. Before I saw your blog I would see you on TV and I would think ‘Wow I love the way she dresses! I wonder how she gets her looks’ and bahm the cattwalk answered my prayers.
I’m excited for the new and improved website. I would love to know what exactly inspires your style and if you have any style icons you look up to.
From, Buphe- South Africa


Hi Buphe. So glad you’re enjoying the site!
The truth is that when I was on television most days for the last decade, I had the help of a stylist. Most recently, the majorly talented Becca Gross. I learned so much over the years about my body type, what silhouettes and colors look best on me, and essentially my own personal style aesthetic was born out of that. Key things I think about when getting dressed are: what makes me FEEL good, clean and simple lines (nothing too fussy), and it’s always important to me that I don’t look like what I’m wearing came right off the mannequin.

My current style inspo comes from scouring Instagram and just seeing what speaks to me (I save a LOT of pictures and learn about new designers this way).  I also follow popular stylists’ accounts to see how they’re dressing certain celebrities. My favorites are Becca Gross, Monica Rose, Mimi Cutrell, Elizabeth Sulcer, and  Kate Young.

Thanks for writing, Buphe!
Big Love, Catt

Dear Catt,
What is your favorite fashion item of all time?
From, Clare Silvester - UK


Hey Clare,
My favorite fashion item of all time, oh my god – the pressure. Um. I guess it would have to be the first biggest splurge I ever made after working ten plus years in the entertainment industry. A charcoal grey Balenciaga moto jacket. One of my best friends, Catalina, talked me into it. She said Kate Moss had one and every legit fashionista owns one. It is timeless. It can be dressed up or dressed down. It makes me feel like a million bucks when I put it on. Lina was right.
xx, Catt

Dear Catt,
What advice do you have to an aspiring entertainment journalist on how to become successful?
From, Paige Thobe - Minster, Ohio


Dear Paige,
You can’t be good. You have to be great. It’s that simple. It’s too competitive a market. Everybody and their brother and their cousin’s stepdaughter wants to be on TV or on a show or whatever. Practice. Do it over and over again. If you’re working in broadcasting, awesome. Shoot more. On nights. On weekends. Do it until it’s as natural as breathing. If you really love it and it’s your passion, success will follow inevitably.
Keep up the good work, Catt

Dear Catt,
I follow you on all of your social media accounts and your selfies are always so on point! How do you get such flawless skin and do you have any products that you use to maintain your look?
From, David LeCours - Massachusetts


Dear David,
Firstly, my skin is not flawless but I do work very hard at taking care of it. I’m in my forties and my face is my window to the world, so I try my best to treat it with kindness. I’ve tried every cleanser, moisturizer, and serum known to man at this point but here is what is working for me now:

Cleanser: Murad Environmental Shield Essential C Cleanser
Toner: SKII Facial Treatment Essence
Serum: Claudalie Vino Perfect
Day Moisturizer: Sunday Riley Tidal Water Cream
Added SPF protection: Dermologica Solar Defense Booster SPF 50
Eye Cream: I alternate between several if I’m honest but my favorites are: Murad Essential C Eye Cream SPF 15 and Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Eye
Bonus: I also use masks regularly. Depending on their strength, I mix them up, but typically do 3 times a week. I like Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask, Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Clay Mask, and Natura Bisse Diamond Mask.