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Catt Sadler


Everyone asks me about my skin.  It’s extremely flattering honestly. I’m no spring chicken, but thankfully with an arsenal of beauty products, decent genes, moderate exercise, and a pretty clean diet,  my skin is in solid shape.  

I’m on TV nearly every day and have been for twenty plus years, so if that isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is!  But along the way, I’ve been exposed to some phenomenal beauty lines and products. Trust me, I’ve tried them all.  I know what works and what’s just a bunch of overpriced smell-good crap taking up space in my bathroom.

When The Covetuer asked to come to my house and observe my nighttime skincare regime, I was like - duh!  They got me talking about my daily habits and were kind enough to include them online recently. It inspired me, however, to share even MORE with you because there are some absolute essentials vital to keeping my face looking tip-top.

Below is a list of tried and true beauty products that I genuinely love and use on the regular. I am not endorsed to promote ANY of them except MURAD, a skincare line I’ve used for a decade.


psst... use code CATT20 for a discount on!


Catt Sadler

My perfume is the complex architecture of my most paradoxical sensations, those that have brought me the most beautiful rencontres of my life.
— Azzedine Alaïa

I started wearing Alaïa a few weeks ago and I’m smitten. Everyone keeps asking me, “What perfume are you wearing? You smell sensational!” Well, wouldn’t be very nice of me to keep it a secret now would it? 

I’m no perfumier but I know the fragrance is a mix of Freesia, Peony, musk and some animal notes. The black glass bottle designed by Martin Szekely pays homage to the label’s iconic laser-cut pattern - first debuted on a leather corset in the ‘80s.  How sexy is that?

From couture to perfume, Alaïa claims to offer “more women to be part of the happy few. The extract of Monsieur Alaïa's first fragrance, his declaration of love and allegiance to women. A tribute to goddesses. An alchemy that converts femininity into divinity.” 

I don’t know about you but I’m picking up what he’s putting down. Beautiful!

How-to create the perfect "going out" makeup look

Catt Sadler

I love love love makeup.  I am always playing around with new products and learning all the little tricks of the trade that can transform my look from simple to sophisticated effortlessly.

On my girls getaway last weekend in Mexico I took full advantage of having one of my besties, Catalina Su with me and asked her to teach us how to create a youthful, sexy and luminous look for night. 

If you missed my Facebook Live session straight from my hotel suite in Cabo, you can watch our video now and see the how-to from start to finish.

It's never easy knowing just how much makeup to pack when you're going on a trip, but truthfully you don't need to bring much at all. A good moisturizer with spf, a dewy foundation, and a bronzer for that sun-kissed glow. Okay, and maybe a liquid or powder highlight. (Highlight slash GLOW is my favorite trend in makeup right now. The tip of your nose should be illuminated!)

I often get asked how my skin looks so radiant (thank you) so here's my biggest tip: it's not about a good skincare regimen the day or night you're planning to go out, it's about being consistent effort every single day.  I swear by Murad products. I've been using them for more than a decade and have them to thank for my skin. If you'd like to try them too click on this link and you can get 20% of your next purchase.  All of the products Lina uses in this tutorial to complete my look are listed below and are shoppable. 

So have a go. Try this look out for yourself, and never stop glowing from the inside and out. 

Catt xx 


Catt Sadler



If you saw me walk out the door each morning you’d laugh. I am literally “The Bag Lady”.  A bag for E!, a bag for working out, a bag full of shoes and jewelry that go back and forth to my dressing room most days. Honestly, so much stuff and usually stuffed into less than glamorous places. 

When I saw the SENREVE bag in storm I exhaled. Then, when I realized my laptop would fit inside, I was truly giddy. It was truly love at first sight.

It’s a modern twist on the briefcase and can even be used as a purse. You can carry it multiple ways with either the long strap, the short strap, or even as a backpack. 

It’s sleek, structured, stylish. But I don’t need to tell you that - just look at it!

Pick of the Week:

Catt Sadler


Honestly, as I get older and busier and the days of the stiletto in the AM go to the wayside, I’m starting to appreciate my new mistress: flats. These aren’t your run of the mill flats, though. They’re so chic and interesting. The fabric is lush. The color is cool. Yes, you should splurge.  Acne Studios' 'Amina' loafers have a collapsible heel that converts them into slippers, offering two looks in one. This Italian-made pair is crafted from plush taupe velvet and has a sleek pointed toe. Roll up your jeans to show them off. 


Pick of the Week:

Catt Sadler



Semi obnoxious but super fun nonetheless, I took the plunge and scooped up the IT slide of the moment: fuzzy, faux fur!

I say wear these at home to kick it or even to lunch on a relaxed day. But if you wear them, WEAR them. People might stare, but after all, that’s a good thing.

A few other favorites:

Pick of the Week:

Catt Sadler

Damsel X Adina Reyter Jewelry

Beautiful, quality crafted jewelry that you want to own forever can be difficult to find! These delicate, beautiful pieces by my dear friend Jacey Duprie are an exception. Lucky me, she gifted me the unique wing earring for Christmas. It is undoubtedly one of my personal favorites from her collaboration with Adina Reyter. I like the versatility of them all as I can see them on my mom, myself, or even my niece.

Congrats to Damsel on a stunning collection! I’m thrilled to have selected these pieces as a part of my new series “Pick of the Week”! 

Enjoy looking fabulous, darling.



Catt Sadler













Catt Sadler

The new year is always a great time to give your wardrobe an update and my first snag for 2017 is the San Remo bag from August.  Surprisingly, I don’t have any other envelope bags so this was a welcome addition to my collection.  From afar, it may just look like another black bag, but the simplistic wood detailing on the front breaks up the black and makes this one-of-a-kind beauty pop.

The bonus with this bag is that for every purchase, August donates a backpack to Operation School Bell, an organization that provides clothing and personal products to underprivileged students in the LA Unified School District!

The new year is a reminder that giving back is always a good idea and by rocking this baby, you can feel extra gorgeous knowing this piece is doing some real good.
That's why it's my Pick of the Week!

What you need for a relaxing and soothing night in.

Catt Sadler

A lot of people don't know this about me but when I was in college studying journalism, I worked in the makeup department at Nordstrom to help pay my tuition. (As a child, I always loved dipping in lipstick and experimenting with eyeliner and spritzing perfume. I remember vividly sneaking into my mom's closet and playing dress up on the regular. After all, she was SO beautiful!) Eventually, I realized I really enjoyed painting my friends faces and actually had a knack for doing a pretty good job. 

I was a lousy saleswoman at Chanel, Trish McEvoy, and Lancome in the late 90's, but I adored playing in products! I got to try everything! And this is when I realized, even at 20 years old, that a strict skincare regime was crucial. I started using products with sunscreen, anti-aging properties, and also became discerning about what products really worked. (Having the discount didn't hurt either. I know how expensive it can be to take proper care of your skin!)

To this day, because of my many many years in the makeup chair getting ready for television, I've continued to learn so much from various artists about how to take care of my mug. When I'm not shooting E! News, working on my blog, or being a mom, I get lost in my bathroom trying all of the latest and greatest products. 

This past weekend I decided to lock myself into my bedroom and treat myself to a zen spa experience at home.  I haven't had time to work out and so getting a good night's sleep is paramount to my health and my peace of mind. The frigid temps this season also take a toll on our skin, so I lit a few candles, put on my classical tunes and went all in! 

After a relaxing and soothing night in, I knew I wanted to share all the details of my pampering sesh with you. These are all products I use and genuinely approve. Cheers to you.

Mind, body, soul - and a glowing fresh face forward to the world!



First things first, light a candle. Not just any candle though. Naked Princess honestly elicits this spa boudouir-scent and somehow makes unwinding easier than normal. 


A bath is essential. The hotter the better. Bath salts are nice, but I have super dry skin. When the temperatures drop, I like a bath oil. This one smells divine and I love the rosemary sprig. 


This body oil is perfection. Not too greasy, super emollient, and seemingly more moisturizing than lotion. Lathering all over, especially on hands, feet, and elbows before bed ... and ahhhhhh.

After you're clean and your body is lubed up, it's all about your face. I am obsessed with doing masks at home. These three are my favorite. I use the Natura Bisse Diamond Ice-Lift when I need a thorough exfoliation - this one feels the closest to one you'd receive at an actual spa. It's the Big Daddy in my arsenal. Charlotte TIlbury's clay mask delivers on its promise by smoothing and brightening in an instant. I rotate this mask into my regime a couple times a month. My all-time favorite mask is Murad's Intensive-C Radiance Peel. I can use this 2-3 times a week; it really rids my skin of built up residue and it's not too harsh on my face. It rinses off easily and literally is an essential. 


After a mask, I like a good serum. The Advanced Active Radiance Serum is a lovely companion to the Radiance Peel. I've also religiously used the Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum. Too many years in the sun and tanning beds. This serum works and as some of you know, I have partnered with Murad because I believe in it so much! 


I always use an eye cream but on 'spa night', I like this one because it's heavy duty. Goes with the whole uber-emollient theme.  


This Floribunda Lip Balm is like a big luxurious kiss on the lips. It smells edible and I like that it's in a tub rather than a roll-on. 

One of my absolute favorite skincare discoveries in 2016 was Sunday Riley's Luna Sleeping Night Oil. There is no better scent in a bottle, I swear. It's like an aromatic explosion to your senses and I don't know what all is in it but it lures me to sleep like a baby. I put it all over my face, lightly in my nostrils, and behind my ears. It promises to heal your skin while you sleep and even tighten your pores. 

While we're tending to our outside, let's take our vitamins and tend to our insides, shall we? It's hard to remember to take supplements, but when I can - I do. Lumity makes some for day and for night. These promote a deep sleep and healthy healing while we snooze. I don't know if they really work, honestly, but I feel better about myself when I take them. I mean, they can't HURT.

Also paramount for a good night's sleep is the right pillowcase and eye mask. I just discovered these silk pieces and can honestly say I've been sleeping so soundly. Even if it doesn't really enhance your sleep patterns, you'll feel a lil more Mariah while you're in your bed. Trust. 


Catt Sadler

Everybody knows The Bachelor is an absolute hit tv show but not everybody knows what a doll the sweet Lauren B is in person. I've had the pleasure of meeting her a few times and what a charming, bright, gorgeous girl! And now, with her own instantly popular blog, what a treat for all of us to have her share some of her beauty insights with us here on theCATTWALK.
Appreciate you, Lauren, so so much.

Narrowing down my top three beauty products is quite the challenge for me. As many of you know I love all things beauty and there are some amazing products out there. I’m somewhat obsessive when it comes to my skincare regime so it should be no surprise that my number one beauty pick helps me achieve clear, glowing skin. Shiseido’s Perfect Cleansing Oil literally melts off all my makeup at the end of the day without leaving my skin stripped of all it’s natural moisture. It dissolves even the toughest eye makeup, including waterproof mascara, and keeps my skin, clean and hydrated. Boscia also makes a similar product that I really like which is very comparable as well.


My second, cannot live without product, falls under the brow category because, well, eyebrows are everything. If you haven’t checked out my brow tutorial you might not know how obsessed with brows I am. When my brows are bare I feel like I instantly look like I’m 12 because my brows are so light. Anastasia Brow Wiz helps me achieve a bold brow without looking overdrawn. I go back and forth between two shades, Soft Brown & Medium Brown. Both are great shades for blondes looking to go a little darker with their brow. This one is a staple in my makeup bag.


The third product I cannot live without is my highlighter stick by Benefit. I always love the look of dewy, glowing skin and this helps me fake a gorgeous glow especially in the winter months when my skin is exposed to the elements and lacks a natural glow. I apply this every day, whether it's with a tinted moisturizer & mascara for a “no make-up” look, or with a bold smoky eye in the evening. It really does completely brighten the skin and accentuate key areas of the face, like the cheekbones and brow bone. Another great highlighter is NYX Cosmetics Born to Glow. It’s super reasonably priced and can be found at most drugstores.


I look forward to the holidays every year and it’s not just because of all the super cute decorations and twinkling lights. Every holiday season I look forward to spending plenty of quality time with my family. Being a part of a large family that is spread out all throughout the west coast (I come from a family of 6) there aren’t many times of the year that we are all together under one roof. The holidays are a special time for us to come together as a family, all nestled in our childhood home. We do plenty of puzzles, cook delicious home cooked meals, watch as many Christmas movies as we can, and share the many memories we have made throughout the years. It’s also a time when I am able to see extended family, including my two wonderful Grandma’s and eat their yummy food that I am convinced only grandma’s can make. 

I always find myself feeling so grateful this time of year for not only my family and time together but also thankful to God for all He as blessed us with. I, like many of us, don’t need many “things” and so for me the holiday’s are a season of giving and appreciating what I have, rather than worrying about what I could have or want. It’s a beautiful reminder and a great spirit to carry into the new year. 


Catt Sadler

The lights are up, the fireplace is lit and silent night is on repeat. The only thing missing, a guide to the perfect cozy holiday outfit.

I think of three things - comfort, warmth and of course, style. When all three are ticked, voilà.  For myself, a statement sweater, distressed denim, badass boots and au naturel nude eye is simple yet goes a long way.

So this holiday season, keep it simple and keep it warm, and if you find you're still struggling for inspo this festive season, head over to my holiday shop where the struggle and scramble of Christmas gifting ideas has been taken care for you. 



Just got this for myself from my holiday wishlist.  Talk about cozy, this baby is everything but ice cold.


Keep it timelessly classic, or soft and sensual.  A full face palette that fits anyone's stocking (even your own!)


Deck the halls with fringe and suede!  
Fa la la la la


You know I wear my denim all year round, just another one of my favorite skinnies.


Catt Sadler

The second I saw this charmeuse duster on my friend Monica Rose at her baby shower this weekend, I knew I had to have it. I literally went on my phone in between her speech and the first course of chorizo mac and cheese to buy it. It was THAT good. Yes, it's a very pretty penny so for this reason I'm showing you the exact August Getty piece AND a few more budget friendly alternatives. 


You have been warned - I will be wearing this the entire month of December, I just know it. With denim and sky high heels but also as the perfect cape over an itty bitty festive dress. I can't wait to show you how I style it! 


Catt Sadler

I have a real affinity for fragrances. Some would say I have quite a nose, in fact!  Therefore, I am incredibly attuned to various scents and pay special attention to perfumes on the market. It's funny, I'm not one of those people who wears the same scent year after year because my mood tends to dictate my desired perfume on any given day - just as my mood dictates what shoes, what jeans, and what bag I wear. 

My home was burglarized over the summer and the little bastards swiped my entire perfume tray. (Who does that?!) Anyway, I had worn Byrdeo Gypsy Water in the past, but my sweet friend Catalina Su hooked me up with an entire array of new scents from the line and I fell in love. 

Byredo's newest offering is Super Cedar and I just adore it for Fall. It's got this mix of woods that takes me back to my Indiana roots in the wilderness, but with this very elegant modern finish. Absolutely divine!


Catt Sadler


Not gonna lie. A few of my favorite fashionistas inspired this piece. Rihanna’s been rocking the oversized denim jacket. Kim’s super-sized Pablo piece just looks so damn good. I’ve decided there’s just something so chic about the heaviness of this jean jacket reboot. I shopped around quite a bit but settled on this Alexander Wang version. The black buttons give it a modern feel.

I’ve worn this with a sexy see through sheer dress and I’ve worn it with vintage tees and sneaks. This purchase has POWER. Meow! xx


Catt Sadler

Don't have time to get a facial?
Don't want to drop mucho dinero at a high priced spa?
Who does?

Listen, this little invention is one of my favorite things. When I want to get my skin back in mint condition, I plug this mini home steamer in and voila, radiant skin is imminent. I use it at least once a week to get my skin feeling like new.

Firstly, I clean my face. Then I mist with this for 3 to five minutes. I follow with one of my desired masks. Sometimes, it's like you've got to give your products a little lift, a hand if you will, and you'll find they work better. Once I've done a deep clean and opened my pores with this steamer, my masks, serums, and moisturizers work more effectively. 

So anyway, this works. Treat yourself if you believe in taking care of the skin you're in. I do! xx


Catt Sadler

First it was chokers and now it’s the bomber. The 90’s are back, baby. 

The bomber is such a simple, lightweight and fashionable way to layer any ensemble this season, which is why it’s secured the front row spot in my closet. 

I personally like this strong red satin shade; and the birds of paradise embroidery is a plus - one of my favorite flowers. Explore all the endless styles and colors or opt for a patterned statement piece like me.



Catt Sadler

I'm seeing red-ish right now.

In October, I instantly move towards the many colors of fall. Crimson, berry, bordeaux. These rich, vibrant colors show up in nail polish, velvet blazers, and shiny silk shoes.

Below, just a few of my favorites.




Catt Sadler

On constant rotation for beautiful, flawless skin and an alluring smell, these are some of my current obsessions. Tried, tested and proven most fabulous!



Catt Sadler


As the seasons change, it’s time to start thinking about the richness and beauty that is Fall. It’s truly my favorite season to get dressed. As a child, I grew up in the Midwest and the fall foliage was literally a character in my every day. The gorgeous colors, changing temperatures, and even aromas would inspire me creatively.  Autumn undoubtedly evokes these memories from the past. Chunky sweaters + dramatic eye makeup + stylish booties = confidence and warmth. I hope you’ll enjoy some of my carefully crafted selections for your closet as we transition into this phenomenal time of year. 



In all fairness wearing this sweater tucked in is so not gonna happen. Still want it and need it though. Perf piece for day or night that screams luxurious!



Who says this season can’t be sexy? I love the lines on this sleeveless sweater tank. Essential.



I love everything about this coat. The army green shade of green, the pop of cozy, and the asymmetrical lines. 



I have this sweater in charcoal from last season. I wear it at least once a week. I’ve even slept in it. (Don’t tell anyone.)




GIVE ME! Power meeting or powerful cocktails. This gorgeous blouse needs to get in your closet.




Wrapping up into something that feels good can really affect my mood all day long. I like the ease and weight of this as temperatures drop.




These palazzo pants can go either classic or even rock n roll. I love the versatility and navy for Fall always wins.



The lace up front, the metallic sheen, and interesting print. Yes please!



Chokers continue to take front and center this season. The mix of leather and ice on Fallon pieces have the stars going ga ga. A must-have.



Not your Walmart hoodie. I love this and the price is right. 




Alone, with tights, with booties, with heels, even with sneaks. I plan to get a whole lotta wear out of this beauty.


It’s all about the eyes this season. The runways are showing dark, smoky eyes with loads of black liner. Don’t be shy. It washes off. Here are a few of my favorite products.