Why did I want to eliminate sugar from my diet for ten days? Well, listen. If you know me you know I generally eat pretty clean (besides my obsession with cheese and as of late @saltandstraw). But in August, I kinda went off the rails. Butter on croissants, desserts after every meal, and way too many margaritas. I mean, that’s what you do when you’re on vacation. But lbh, I went a wee overboard. I started feeling extremely sluggish, my pants were way too tight for comfort, and my complexion looked dull and tired.


I have long been a fan of the FED UP movie and completely understand the film’s message about sugar being highly addictive – more addictive than cocaine – and the detrimental effects it can have on our bodies. The Fed Up Challenge (I have done this twice before) is a very nice reset for the body. On days 1-3 you realize just how addicted you are to sugar. It’s in everything. In ketchup, in the organic sausages you make for your kids in the morning (read the nutrition label – even when it says sugar = 0g, there’s ADDED sugar in the ingredients like cane sugar), and loaded in even the dairy-free creamers you add to your coffee.

On the first few days I was completely foggy and even nauseous, because I was also suffering from jet lag. Literally weak AF. But on day four I started getting my energy back and honestly wasn’t having any sugar cravings. This challenge is completely doable because you’re eating good fats. Your body learns to use the fats as fuel instead of sugar and suddenly you’re feeling better than before and the scale is confirming that you’re making progress. And rather quickly.  

The snacks and foods that made

this challenge possible for me: 

• Cashews
• Almonds
• Poached Eggs
• Avocados
• Carrots
• Seaweed
• Lunch Meats (sugar-free)
• Epic Bars
• Ghee Butter

• Chicken Breast (grilled)
• Salmon (baked)
• Steak
• Salads with only fresh vegetables
• Sushi
• Soups (Erewhon pre-made)
• Hot Tea
• Blueberries
• Smoothies (no honey)


While I transitioned to sugar-free food for ten days, I also cut out all dairy.

I also piled on the supplements.

I added Vital Protiens Collagen Peptides to a glass of water once a day.

I take Adrenal Support Drops that seem to regulate my overall energy throughout the day. I had my blood and urine tested a few months ago and was told my adrenal levels were low and this would help round out my diet. Honestly,I don’t know if it’s just a placebo effect or what, but I have convinced myself these make a difference in how I feel each day.

I always take a daily probiotic and also a multi vitamin.


So, was it worth it? What were the results? Well…. The upside is I definitely shed a few pounds. 4.5 to be exact. Probably a lot of water weight, but my diet combined with multiple hot yoga sessions and I was feeling like my old self! (I will say, I got a cold the last few days and as much as I wanted to run a few miles, I never felt like I’d have the stamina to go very far. So my exercising halted a bit on during this challenge.)

My goal moving forward is to go back to sensible eating that’s realistic and works in line with family dinners and my busy lifestyle – sadly I don’t cook much. I’ve never been a huge snacker and have always managed my portions just fine, so I’ll go back to what I know as it really seems to work. Eating organic, everything in moderation, limiting alcohol, and now that summer has come to an end, limiting ice cream to maybe once a month instead of every other night!

But this is what makes me feel good. I’ve always said – you do you. Be your best you. And I’ll try and do the same.

Muah, Catt

Catt Sadler