We Can Change This STAT


Every two hours one woman dies of cervical cancer

I know that’s alarming to hear, and frankly so disturbing, but what if I told you that We Can Change This STAT? You know I believe in the importance of using my voice to make change, and so when I heard statistics like one woman is diagnosed with cervical cancer every hour and that more than half of these cases occur in women who aren’t – or are rarely - getting tested, well, I had to speak up.


My health is paramount to me. I want to be around for my two beautiful children as long as humanly possible. 

I see my OBGYN for my well-woman exam every year in August - my birthday month. 

There’s one yearly, standing appointment that I never miss. Getting regularly checked by my OBGYN is non-negotiable! I know we are all insanely busy. Life is chaotic and most of us are juggling a thousand and one things. If it helps to remember, make the appointment right now - for your birthday. And then go to your doc every birthday after that forever, because you’re worth it.


We’ve got to treat our bodies right. That means exercise and a healthy diet, but it also means taking measures to prevent unnecessary threats to our bodies. Every hour another woman is diagnosed with cervical cancer, but more than half of these cases occur in women who aren’t getting tested. Schedule your appointment today!

Change starts with you!  We can reduce the number of women dying of cervical cancer, you guys. It is preventable. How? Go to your doc and ask about getting an HPV and PAP test together like me. Testing detects ninety-five percent of cervical cancer cases.  For all questions you might have about cervical cancer, how to prevent it, and most importantly how you can help yourself and the women you love, go to ChangeThisStat.com. #Ad #ChangeThisSTAT



Nobody wants to be sidelined from living their best lives. Cervical cancer is killing a woman every two hours. We Can Change This STAT.

Catt Sadler