Hello, loves.

Not going to lie. Cried moments before writing this.

I’ve been trying to launch a podcast for several months. It’s been a legitimate dream of mine to create a conversation space with fascinating women who want to share in a real and meaningful way. Without the glam, the bright lights, and just different from the manufactured way I’ve been doing it all these years. And well, we did it. My partner just texted me the Spotify link to Episode Zero. I wept like a baby.

Listen, I know it’s not a revolutionary thing to host and produce a podcast, but I’ve been consumed with this for longer than you know - and my heart and skin is completely in the game. To invite remarkable, powerful, brave females into my home – into my bedroom – and ask them to shed their armor and expose truths about themselves that they may not otherwise, well, let’s just say it wasn’t a given that this would go. (Especially without a major network behind me or a corporate machine facilitating the madness.)

I truly believe that when other women hear these exchanges, when you hear stories of heartbreak, or trauma, or adversity, that you’re going to feel less alone. My goal is to create a community – a sisterhood – around NAKED. A space where we hear stories and unexpected ‘shares’ and then, as a result, people feel better about ourselves. Maybe you’ll hear a bit of advice that encourages you onward. Maybe you’ll take away little nuggets of wisdom you can apply to your own life. Maybe you’ll feel less pressure to be perfect. HOPEFULLY, we’ll all feel less pressure to be perfect in the Instagram world in which we all live in today. Oh, and by the way, we’re gonna have fun, too. One of my guests is topless. We are drinking wine. Don’t expect the show to be a downer because it certainly is not.

So, much much more to come, but until then, thank you. Thank you for following along. Thank you for your support. Thank you for reading my little note here. And thank you for subscribing via the links below! 

In gratitude,